delayed Oscar related post

It has been ages since everyone wrote about the Academy Awards. Apparently, the hosts were boring, there was an f-bomb, and not too many surprises, say apart from the Best Picture award that went to King’s Speech.

I will only get to watch King’s Speech on Friday; so you have to wait until this weekend to know whether I agree with the Academy on that one.

Out of the Oscar buzzy films; I have seen Toy Story 3, Black Swan, The Social Network, The Town, How to Train Your Dragon…

After watching these, for most of them, I did not really feel that they were that exceptional. Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon were fun, heart-warming and entertaining. But I wouldn’t be able to tell you why one deserved an award and not the other. The Social Network was a great script combined with good acting. But that’s about it. Maybe the one film I can support for the award is Natalie Portman for Black Swan. She gives an amazing performance in Black Swan. Not having seen any of the other films, of course this is kind of a stupid remark, without comparison, why even write about it?

Answer might be; because I can. Actually, because I will connect it to something I can talk about like I know something.

There is something about Aronofsky and his stories, his characters. The child-like ballerina and the exploration of “life”/sexuality in parallel to White Swan vs Black Swan. The story gives an inside look, a rather distorted and not-quite-so-true one, to the backstage of ballet productions. Logically, that has caused interest in the classical ballet Swan Lake and ballet in general. Several big ballet companies have experienced a rise in sales, and even profits for their seasons and Swan Lake performances. This is now called the “Black Swan Effect”. Henrik over at the Tights and Tiaras blog has written a rather interesting post about it. Go read it by clicking here.

Not quite the Swan Lake, but pretty.

Maia Makhateli (Blauwe vogel). Foto: Angela Sterling// Het Nationale Ballet


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