I recently came across this blog post at the New England Conservatory’s website. It is an idealistic look at how the orchestras should use the case of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to redefine the musician’s role and through that, the role of the orchestra. I support the idea to redefine the musician’s role and set of skills to succeed in “real life” while still doing work that is relevant and important, although one would have to look at how that changes the economics of it. Either way, makes a good reading and would make a good discussion point.


Sufjan Stevens to tour Europe

It was announced a few days ago that Sufjan Stevens is going to tour Europe.

For the first time since 2006.

If you have been living in Europe, and already have seen him before 2006, good for you. If not, I assume you are feeling the same amount of giddiness. I have already heard from a friend of mine who saw Sufjan for the second time, that his new tour is “interesting”. But I am looking forward to it. Despite the fact that he has one concert in Holland. In Eindhoven. Who does that??? Tickets come out this Saturday. Suppose I will need to wake up early and make sure crazy Dutch do not sell out tickets.

I thought I’d share my enthusiasm with you as I do not have any cultural activities coming up this weekend.

But seriously, Sufjan, Eindhoven??